Disheartening news from last month’s Tasmanian ALP State Conference.

At a time when the Australian Christian Lobby is doing all it can to warn people of the dangers of gender ideology, the Tasmanian ALP have chosen to throw its support further behind the PC rainbow agenda.

In what could easily have been a list copied out of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ extreme idealogical agenda, motions were passed to form a new equality portfolio within the Tasmanian Labor caucus and use taxpayers money to fund Safe Schools into the future.

If this were not bad enough there was agreement to decriminalise prostitution and small volume use and possession of illicit drugs. A motion was also passed to  force MPs to support euthanasia or face potential expulsion from the party.

Sound familiar? Federal ALP MPs will be bound to support same-sex marriage in their next term. Will abortion be next? Conventionally, conscience votes are afforded on life and death issues. But what is conventional anymore?

It appears the courageous three ALP MPs who voted against the recent Tasmanian euthanasia bill – were reprimanded as turn-coats even though the new ALP leader Rebecca White (pictured) agreed Labor MPs had been entitled to a conscience vote on the bill.

All that said, it is clearly becoming increasingly difficult to be conservatively minded and an ALP member.

This ‘my way or the highway’ attitude is really just a reflection of what we are seeing played out almost daily in the media. Any diverse opinion is taken as a negative. Healthy, respectful, intelligent debate is getting more and more difficult to find. People are not interested in truth but only in supporting that which agrees with their own views.

The Apostle Paul warned of the dangers of this type of thinking 2000 years ago…

For the time will come when they will not put up with sound instruction, but they will pile up for themselves teachers in keeping with their own desires, to have their ears tickled.
2 Timothy 4:2.

But let’s be completely honest, we can all fall into this trap!

It is much more comfortable to surround ourselves with those who think the same and therefore do not challenge us. As I said to a group of Liberal University Students last year, we should never be afraid to confront wrong, admit wrong, and hang around with supposed ‘wrong-thinking’ people – those that think differently to us.

The upshot?  Don’t give up on the ALP or any other group who, in our view, are making wrong choices. Keep speaking the truth in love. Kindness will be remembered long after a debate has passed. Be encouraged, truth will ultimately prevail.

And…never forget the power of prayer (James 5:16)