People around the country are raising their voices to express their sincerely held view that marriage cannot and should not be redefined. The silent majority are beginning to voice their values.

Australian Christian Lobby managing director Lyle Shelton speaks to David Speers on Sky News about the new movement getting behind the Coalition for Marriage and discusses the consequences that come with redefining marriage. Same-sex marriage is a package deal with ‘safe schools’ and fluid gender ideology. 

Who is part of the Coalition for Marriage and what do they believe will be the consequences of redefining marriage?

Anyone who is concerned with rainbow gender fluid ideology, concerned about the future of free speech, because that is up for grabs needs to get behind this campaign.

This is the ‘next great step’ after same-sex marriage was introduced elsewhere.

Commercial surrogacy is now illegal in Australia. Allowing two men to marry will put pressure on the Government to allow women to be exploited through commercial surrogacy.