Donald Trump’s surprise win is further evidence of a growing global backlash against a political class which is increasingly disconnected from the concerns of ordinary people.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said what was playing out in the USA today and witnessed in the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote was also a wake-up call for  Australian political leaders.

“Australia is not immune from this world-wide trend as evidenced by the return of One Nation and the continued rise of independents,” Mr Shelton said.

“People are reacting against political elites telling them what they have to believe and the use of political correctness to silence discussion,” Mr Shelton said.

“As recently as this week we saw Australian Senators talking down to ordinary people saying that those who supported man-woman marriage were ‘haters’, a ‘vicious rump’ and a ‘rabid right’.

“People who have valid concerns on a range of issues are tired of this sort of condescending treatment by the political class and they have risen up in America.

“There is no doubt the political class in the western world needs a shake-up. I just wish it didn’t have to happen this way,” Mr Shelton said.

“There were deep concerns about the character of both Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton with a flawed Mr Trump representing a disruption to the status quo.

“The challenge for America will be to rebuild a culture of virtue in public leadership and the nation should take the election of a deeply flawed leader like Mr Trump as an opportunity to rebuild a culture of principled public leadership.

“It is clear that disenfranchised voters are decisively prepared to take a risk with someone like Mr Trump out of sheer frustration with the political system.

“Australia can avoid this through a return to the centre on social policy and a respecting of the concerns of voters attracted to parties like One Nation and independents.”