As the police bust the latest porn ring, society ignores what feeds it.

The ubiquity of on-line porn, “Safe Schools” programs which sexualise children and a porn-trade representative in the Victorian Parliament mean no-one should be surprised about the latest police bust of an on-line porn ring operating in 70 schools.

Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson for the dignity of women, Wendy Francis, said yesterday’s revelations should be expected in a society which is swimming in porn culture.

“The Safe Schools Coalition developed much of its materials in collaboration with Minus18 and schools around the country used their material which promoted so-called adult resources to children,” Ms Francis said.

“Following an outcry from parents, materials endorsing Minus18 were removed from the Safe Schools Hub in all States except for Victoria which retains it in its entirety, including instructions on how children can cover their tracks online from their parents and teachers.

“Are we surprised that our young men are disrespectful to our young women as they spread degrading and humiliating images of fellow students when we have allowed the promotion of games that tell them to “name three people in the order that you would like to “F***, marry and kill”[1]?

“Why do we wring our hands and wonder what’s going wrong when government-funded school curriculum has included instructions such as:

One Grindr hook-up gone wrong, and that’s how I got myself some gonorrhoea. But let’s backtrack here so I can fill out some holes (pun intended) in my little life drama… So it’s not as terrible as you may have expected, in fact it’s not terrible at all.[2]

“I’ve had friends who count their first time giving oral as their virginity.”[3]

Penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex, and certainly not the “ultimate” sex.”[4]

Ms Francis said Australian society needed to reevaluate its attitudes towards women and girls.

“We are sexualising children too early and school programs are not helping,” she said.

“Parents need to re-take control of the sexual education of their children because schools, the government and the porn trade are letting us down.”


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