Victoria has become the epicentre of a bizarre war on the innocence of children driven by an LGBTIQ agenda about which parents are kept deliberately clueless.

In this week’s E-news you can read ACL Victorian Director Dan Flynn’s responses to the latest revelations about what will become compulsory through the so called “Respectful Relationships” program.

Victoria is where the so-called “Safe Schools” program originated and “Respectful Relationships” draws from the same rainbow ideology.

It is extreme sexual expressionism taught to high school students as normal all dressed up as an anti-domestic violence initiative.

It is unclear how the normalisation of often degrading sexual acts helps in the war against domestic violence or helps boys learn respect for girls.

In this week’s E-news we also release a new paper that delves in detail behind the ideology that is driving “Safe Schools” and “Respectful Relationships”.

A 27-page research paper may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who want to know how our parliamentarians have been deceived into funding a program most parents would have serious reservations about, it is a must read.

Next week all eyes will again be on the federal parliament as the Senate debates the Turnbull Government’s marriage plebiscite enabling bill.

The Government wants to give the people a say on marriage on February 11 but Labor under Bill Shorten have said they will team up with the Greens, the Nick Xenophon Team and Derryn Hinch to block it.

The influence LGBTIQ rainbow politics is having on our nation is extraordinary.

It is reaching into our children’s classrooms and is steering our nation in a direction away from what is necessary for human flourishing – stable family relationships based wherever possible on biological kinship.

This is why it is important that we do not take a backward step in our quest to preserve the definition of marriage in law.

If Labor blocks the plebiscite, as expected, we all need to stay in the game to persuade our fellow Australians of the truth, beauty and goodness of marriage.

Our same-sex attracted friends are not discriminated against in Australian law. But if marriage is de-gendered, expect to see Victorian-style radical sex education roll our around the nation over time.

Please continue to pray and please continue to stay engaged. These are challenging times.