The Queensland LNP decision to withdraw controversial ‘Safe Schools’ content from State schools should it win Government has been welcomed by the Australian Christian Lobby.

The LNP commitment comes just weeks after the Queensland Labor Government announced its refusal to fund the program once Federal funding expired at the end of June, although the Queensland Government stopped short of withdrawing the program from Queensland schools.  

“Whereas the Labor Party has indicated it would not take the program from schools, the LNP has gone a step further, reassuring parents that the program would not be used under its watch,” ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis said.

“The LNP has correctly identified that ‘our schools are no place for agendas and ideology’ as is clearly the case with the rainbow LGBT ideologically motivated Safe Schools program.

‘Safe Schools’, which teaches children that their gender is fluid and a social construct, has already been withdrawn from New South Wales and Tasmania but remains in place in Queensland.

“Once concerns with Safe Schools were raised in March 2016 by the Federal Government, it has become apparent to State Government’s that support for the program is untenable,” Ms Francis said.

“The ACL welcomes the decision of the LNP to tackle bullying with a new anti-bullying resource that is age-appropriate and free from rainbow LGBT ideology.

“The onus is on the Queensland Government to support parents in the upbringing of their children by joining the LNP through withdrawing the program.”