The debate about late term abortion in this nation is over.

But the debate about the sanctity of human life still rages.

Whether it is in the womb, or famine-struck east Africa, children die and we carry on in pursuit of our material comfort.

I’ll return to Africa but first to the momentous win for women and babies in the NSW parliament.

Asked to vote on the Greens’ abortion-to-birth bill last week, NSW parliamentarians recoiled.

This is the second time this year Victorian-style abortion law reform has been rejected after two Queensland abortion-to-birth bills didn’t even make it to the floor of the parliament.

This is all good news.

It is now up to the proponents of abortion to draw a line and say on which side a baby lives and on which side a baby dies.

It is offensive to them that abortion-on-demand remains in the criminal code, even though courts interpret the law to mean it can occur if the mother’s physical or mental health is in danger.

This is often applied liberally but at least it offers some protection for women and for their unborn babies.

But it’s never enough for people like Greens’ MP Mehreen Faruqi and Queensland’s Rob Pyne.

Open slather is their aim.

But these radical abortion proponents have finally been stopped in their tracks and that is a good thing.

Thanks to everyone who signed the campaign’s hard copy petition during the NSW campaign. ACL’s NSW director Mark Makowiecki received 10,000 signatures from ACL supporters while the Catholics raised 50,000.

These have been presented to Parliament by Labor Member of the Legislative Council, Greg Donnelly.

Abortion Rethink’s seminar in Parliament House last week was also brilliant. Everyone should watch Jaya Taki courageously talk about how her football “star” former partner, Tim Simona of Wests Tigers, coerced her to abort their baby.

“It was not my choice,” Taki said.

This year’s wins in Queensland and NSW are the most significant since abortion became sanctioned under the cover of “blob of foetal tissue” rhetoric in the 1970s.

But we must continue to be vigilant about human rights for the unborn.

In the meantime, if you live in NSW, please thank your local MP.

Back to east Africa. It is so important that pro-life people have a consistent ethic of life.

With very little media coverage, a famine is sweeping east Africa and, according to World Vision, 3.5 million children are suffering severe malnutrition.

There are media reports of children dying of starvation.

Our last few federal budgets have cut overseas aid to the lowest levels since the 1970s and we have all but pulled out of Africa.

This is unacceptable for a wealthy nation.

The same reason we turn a blind eye to abortion, even when football “stars” coerce their girlfriends, is the same reason we ignore the plight of starving children.

Lifestyle and material comfort are the gods Australians worship. There is no public outcry when overseas aid is cut from the budget.

All this while children suffer and die. I get that we can’t help all suffering children, but if all the rich nations did more, more lives would be saved and that would matter.

We should rejoice at pro-life wins here in Australia. But we are a long way from being a pro-life nation.