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The Australian Christian Lobby has called for the immediate withdrawal of Federal funding from ‘Safe Schools’ following fresh revelations that the controversial program was breaching directives from Federal Education Minister, Simon Birmingham.

ACL spokesperson for children, Wendy Francis, said it was clear the Safe Schools Coalition had been caught out by their own comments to pre-service teachers in October which confirm they were operating in defiance of its funding requirements.

“The admission by Safe Schools project officers that they were operating outside Federal Government requirements has left Minister Birmingham with little choice but to cut funding to the program,” Ms Francis said.

“Parents would be disturbed to hear that Safe Schools project officers, by their own admission, continue to operate in pre-primary and primary schools more than seven months after the Federal Government directed it only be made available in high schools.

“It is also disturbing that Safe Schools project officers are encouraging teachers not to inform or seek the consent from parents before subjecting children to the program.

 In March, Mr Birmingham made reassurances that children will not be exposed to Safe Schools material without parents’ consent.

“This is not the first time that Safe Schools has fallen foul of the Federal Government directives,” Ms Francis said.

In October, following questioning at Senate Estimates by Nationals Senator John Williams, Mr Birmingham ordered the removal of material that promoted Minus 18, from the Education Departments Student Wellbeing Hub, which houses the Safe Schools material.

Minus 18 is an organisation that provides instruction to children on penis tucking and chest binding and teaches that gender is fluid.

The research underpinning Safe Schools was recently discredited in a report by Sydney University Professor Patrick Parkinson who warned that it was flawed and misleading.

A new report from the Australian Christian Lobby reveals how the Safe Schools program has resulted in bullying in schools for anyone who questions the LGBTI agenda.

“Parents should be aware that Safe Schools encourages teachers not to use the pronouns ‘he’ or ‘she’ when speaking to children and encourages schools to change their uniform and toilet policies to accommodate students identifying as the opposite gender,” Ms Francis said.

“Sadly the Safe Schools Coalition material remains captured by gender ideology.

“Right now parents are able to push back against the radical ideology underpinning the Safe Schools program but everything will change, if same sex marriage is legalised” she warned.

“Anyone who thinks the same-sex marriage political movement will stop at the marriage altar is sadly misguided.

“Promoting cross-dressing, use of gender-less toilets and whole school participation in same-sex marriage rallies is not what parents expect from an anti-bullying program.”