At the Queensland election, voters are being encouraged to consider which candidates are willing to provide real choices and support to women who have an unwanted pregnancy.

It follows the release of a list of more than 110 candidates who have signed a “Fair Agenda” pledge where they promise to remove current safeguards for women and the unborn by enabling legislation that would allow abortion at any stage of any pregnancy should they be elected.

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director, Wendy Francis, warned voters not to be misled by the pro-choice mantra of candidates who really want to remove choice by scrapping current safeguards and prohibiting the dissemination of material outside abortion clinics that shows there are other choices besides the killing of the unborn.

“These people have signed a pledge to allow the termination of any pregnancy at any stage in the pregnancy. There is no promise to support women or offer other options to keep their unborn child. The only choice on offer in this death pledge is the termination of their baby,” Ms Francis said.

“Unwanted pregnancy is a very real issue, but this is not what women are wanting or what they deserve.

Those that have signed the pledge include independent Cairns MP Rob Pyne, more than 80 Greens candidates, one Social Alliance candidate, one LNP candidate and at least 19 Labor candidates, 10 of whom are already in parliament.

“The mantra of these so-called “pro-choice and progressive” candidates is “your body, your choice”.

“What they infer is, “your fault” if women suffer following an abortion. This was revealed most starkly in the recent heartbreaking story of a young woman coerced into aborting her baby. The silence from domestic violence advocates such as White Ribbon on this occasion was deafening. Where was the outcry? 

“This pledge to allow abortion to birth is completely at odds with community expectations. In the past year 55,000 people signed two petitions against efforts to liberalise abortion laws while around 4,000 pro-lifers marched through Brisbane’s streets.”

Of around 2,700 submissions received by a parliamentary inquiry into an abortion bill earlier this year, more than 80 per cent of submissions opposed the bill.

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