The sacking of Catherine McGregor shows that Safe Schools is more than just an anti-bullying program. It is a package deal with same-sex marriage.

The sacking of transgender advocate Catherine McGregor for speaking out against the so-called Safe Schools program, reinforces the concerns of many Australians that  rainbow political ideology is becoming increasingly intolerant.

Ms McGregor, 2016 Queenslander of the Year, was dismissed from the LGBTI activist organisation, Kaleidoscope Australia, for simply pointing out that Safe Schools was compromised by radical left-wing rainbow activists and promoted contested gender theory including that sexuality is fluid.

“Ms McGregor is being sidelined for simply pointing out what Safe Schools founder Roz Ward has also admitted; that Safe Schools is not about stopping bullying,” Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said.

“Is there no end to the intolerance of the rainbow warriors?

 “There are already other anti-bullying programs that can better serve all children in schools.

 “Australians are beginning to understand the consequences of introducing same-sex marriage in Australia.

“Safe Schools gender fluid teaching is a package deal with same-sex, gender-less marriage.

‘Same-sex marriage will serve to weaponise the persecution of dissenters who do not believe gender is fluid or in removing gender from marriage.

“This clearly shows that for rainbow activists is not about supporting their own through anti-bullying programs but in driving an agenda that the LGBTI community or the Queenslander of the Year are not allowed to disagree with.

“With proponents of same-sex marriage and ‘safe schools’ labelling anyone who questions their ideology as homophobes and bigots, most people are afraid to question this new normal.”

Mr Shelton said it was vital Australians focussed on the consequences of redefining marriage and urged the Senate to pass the plebiscite enabling legislation so that people had the opportunity to hear the other side of the debate.