The Victorian government has been urged to rethink its commitment to teaching gender fluidity after the latest claims by Safe Schools architect, Roz Ward, undermined any credibility in the current teaching material, says Australia Christian Lobby.

“As reported in The Australian today, Roz Ward admits that Safe Schools aims to challenge heteronormativity, calling a key statistic used in the Safe Schools material a ‘joke’, and claiming up to 50 per cent of teens were not exclusively heterosexual,” Australian Christian Lobby Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

“Originally it was claimed that Safe Schools was introduced to prevent bullying of a small percentage of those who were attracted to their own sex, but Roz Ward has again made it clear that it is more about the promotion of gender as non-binary or fluid.

“Ms Ward, at least, is admirable for her consistency. She has never deviated from affirming that Safe Schools was a vehicle for social transformation, pursuing the culmination of the sexual revolution by indoctrinating the next generation in queer theory.

 “This is a program that the Victorian Government has fully endorsed and will make compulsory in all secondary state schools by 2018 without parental consultation or consent.

“Many parents have deep concerns with a program whose purpose was to encourage their children into risky sexual behavior or gave instructions on chest-binding and penis-tucking.

“As the genesis of this program becomes clearer and clearer, the Victorian Government has an opportunity to reassure parents that it is listening and remove Safe Schools before 2018.

 “All children should feel safe at school.  No one should feel bullied.  But students and parents also have a right not to be forced to accept controversial material that teaches kids that gender is unimportant and ‘fluid’,” Mr Flynn said.

Almost 12,000 Victorians have signed an ACL petition calling on the Andrews Government to give parents a say over what their children are being taught.