The Australian Christian Lobby today joined calls for the NSW government to release the parliamentary inquiry report into the Sexualisation of Children and Young People.

The joint parliamentary inquiry began in October last year to examine, among other things, the controversial ‘Safe Schools’ program which introduces children to radical sexual concepts and teaches them their gender is fluid.

The committee had its last hearing in April and signed off on its report in September.

ACL NSW Director Mark Makowiecki said the ACL and a number of other organisations expressed concerns about the Safe Schools program in their submissions to the inquiry.

“I am concerned by media reporting today that the report may shelve plans to give parents an ‘opt in’ option when it comes to their children’s participation in ‘Safe Schools’,” Mr Makowiecki said.

Mr Makowiecki has written previously on why even an ‘opt in’ option would not be adequate for most parents.

“ACL is concerned that parental consent requirements by the federal government, which funds the program, are not being met by the NSW Education Department.”

Seventeen thousand Chinese-Australian community members recently signed a petition to the NSW Parliament expressing concern about the program.

“NSW parents are keen for Education Minister Adrian Piccoli to release the report and the committee’s recommendations so greater light can be shone on the Commonwealth-funded program which the NSW Government has allowed into its schools,” Mr Makowiecki said.

“Suggestions that the report is being ‘buried’ play into parental concerns that their voices are not being heard.

“They fear that their rights as the primary educators of their children are being trampled and they worry the government is permitting radical sexual and gender ideologues, such as ‘Safe Schools’ to shape the moral formation of their kids. 

“It is important the report is released before parliament breaks for the summer.”