The idea of a voluntary postal plebiscite has merit and should be explored as a way of allowing the Australian people to have their say on the consequences of redefining marriage, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton was responding to news reporting of a motion passed at the weekend at the LNP Convention in Brisbane.

“Under the right conditions, a voluntary plebiscite has merit and is consistent with the Government’s election promise to allow all Australians a say on whether or not marriage is redefined.”

Mr Shelton said that while Australia had compulsory voting this was rare in western liberal democracies.

“No one is suggesting the Irish referendum to redefine marriage is illegitimate because it was a voluntary vote.”

Mr Shelton noted that the recent New Zealand flag referendum was conducted by a voluntary postal vote.

“Should the Government explore the issue, the ACL would look forward to being part of stakeholder consultations about the form and substance of a voluntary postal plebiscite.

“In the meantime, the Australian people expected all Government members to honour their promise to the Australian people to ensure no change to the Marriage Act without the endorsement of the people.”