The WA Labor Government should heed warnings against the radical gender theory embedded in the Respectful Relationships School Program before implementing it in the state, warns the Australian Christian Lobby.

“Parents are still coming to terms with the radical Safe Schools program which tells children their gender is fluid and are now learning about a new program which further sexualises minors,” ACL WA director Dahlia Messiha said.

“It is disappointing that the WA Government appears to have signed up to rainbow ideology, first by committing $1.4 million to keep the dangerous Safe Schools program in schools, and now by adopting Respectful Relationships.

“Particularly concerning in this rush to adopt radical programs for our schools, is that it has been done without consulting parents and the community.  Parents have already expressed grave concerns with the same gender theory content embedded in the so-called Safe Schools program.

“While NSW and Tasmania have scrapped the controversial Safe Schools program, WA is falling behind and looking to implement another program that further sexualises young children.

“Building Respectful Relationships introduces contested gender ideology to students and asks students to look at relationship advertisements with inappropriate sexual content, under the guise of teaching about domestic violence,” Ms Messiha said.

“Children can and should be taught to love and respect each other, and about how to express themselves without violence, without having to introduce them to these theories at such a young age.

“While it is important for children to understand and develop respectful relationships, the program should not be used as a vehicle by rainbow activists to sexualise our children or teach them contested gender theory.

“While the ACL welcomes the WA Government’s commitment to combating domestic violence this can and should be done without sexualising children.”