Parliamentarians in the Tasmanian Upper House should resist attempts to co-opt them into the gay marriage debate, an issue the High Court says is the responsibility of the federal government.

“Moves by same-sex marriage campaigners to use the Upper House to further their political ends is an inappropriate use of the resources of the Parliament,” Australian Christian Lobby Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said today.

“While Parliaments are free to engage whatever issues they choose, the High Court in 2013 ruled that state parliaments could not legislate a new definition of marriage.

“The Commonwealth Government has said the issue of same-sex marriage will be determined by a vote of the Australian people, or plebiscite.

“We recently had a federal election with the major parties taking very different policies on marriage to the polls.  People voted for the Coalition whose commitment was to hold a people’s vote.

“This will allow Australians to have a debate about the consequences of changing the definition of marriage.”

Mr Brown said many Australians were not aware that teaching their children gender bending programs through “Safe Schools”, restrictions to freedom of speech and the denial of mothers and fathers to children were all a package deal with same-sex marriage.

“There is no need for the Tasmanian Upper House to be using its resources to debate a motion on changing the definition of marriage.

“The Upper House should be focusing on issues over which it has jurisdiction rather than seeking to commentate on the responsibilities of the Commonwealth Government,” Mr Brown said.


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