The Australian Christian Lobby today backed calls by Australia’s Coptic Leader, Bishop Suriel, for the Australian Government to offer protection to more than 20 Christian families in the wake of this week’s massacre in Egypt.

“ACL joins in solidarity with our persecuted Coptic brothers and sisters in Christ in calling on the immigration Minister Peter Dutton to allow families in Australia to stay while ever it is unsafe for Christians in Egypt,” ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said.

Bishop Surial has said there are more than 20 Coptic families in Australia for whom it is unsafe to return to Egypt.

Mr Shelton also said Islamic extremism could not be properly addressed when Australia was silent about the human rights abuses of so-called moderate Islamic states in our region like Pakistan and Indonesia.

“Jailing Christians for ‘blasphemy’ of Mohammad and the caning of gays and women should not be met with silence. Our silence and the lack of action on human rights by Islamic countries sends the wrong message to Islamic extremists whether they be in Egypt or Manchester,” Mr Shelton said.