Most Canberra parents would not be comfortable with men identifying as women to share sporting change rooms with their daughters yet the ACT Government will impose fines on clubs who do not comply.

The Australian Christian Lobby described as heavy-handed, the ACT Government’s latest attempt to force contested rainbow ideology on Canberra’s junior and senior sporting clubs through the launch of its ‘Everyone can Play’ guidelines.

“The ACL is concerned with the coercive nature of these guidelines using the threat of hauling sports clubs and individuals before the Human Rights Commission and even court should they not conform to the directives,” ACL managing director Lyle Shelton said.

“Everyone can Play” guidelines seem to come straight out of the controversial “Safe Schools” program which teaches children that their gender is fluid.

“All people should be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.

“But at the end of the day, are the mums and dads of Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Gungahlin comfortable with the ACT Government legally requiring their daughters to share toilets, change rooms and showers with men and boys identifying as women?

“The idea that gender is fluid is contested and reasonable accommodations for those dealing with gender identity issues that take into account everyone’s concerns can and should be made.

“It appears that the ACT Government is forcing a politically correct ideology on junior and senior sporting clubs in Canberra using the big stick of anti-discrimination law.”

“We should treat everyone with respect but I’m sure most mums and dads would prefer that we just let boys be boys and girls be girls.

“The ACT Human Rights Commission seems to be conflating the extremely rare condition of intersex which affects only about 1 in 1500 people, not the 1.7 per cent claimed in the ACT guidelines - to push a contested gender ideology,” Mr
Shelton said.

The “Everyone can Play” guidelines warn that the law applies with regards to access to change rooms even where surgery has not occurred.