The Australian Christian Lobby thanks New South Wales parliamentarians for voting last night 20 to 19 to ensure suicide does not become an alternative to proper end of life care for vulnerable people. 

ACL NSW director, Kieren Jackson, said that while it was disappointing not more parliamentarians could have voted against the bill, it was pleasing that the majority were able to see through the legislation and recognise that no laws that allow for state-sanctioned suicide can be good for society.

“To ensure that the persistent push by euthansia advocates does not return, it is vital that the NSW Government ensures that palliative care is properly funded," Mr Jackson said.

“It is not acceptable for doctor assisted suicide to become an alternative to providing people with a dignified death through modern palliative care. Euthansia is an easy, cheap and dangerous way out of addressing palliative care  funding while risking the lives of vulnerable people.”

“The rejection of state-sanctioned assisted killing in NSW last night and by Tasmania earlier this year should be taken to heart by legislators in Victoria and WA as they consider euthanasia legislation.”