I’m sure like me, you have noticed the pressure that is coming upon us as Christians to withdraw from the public discourse.

Iconic debates like those on marriage, human rights for the unborn and euthanasia are hostile places for Christians to tread – just ask your ACL Team members who are fighting these issues on a daily basis on your behalf.

It is confronting to be called a “bigot” or a “hater” for simply wanting to advocate for the definition of marriage to remain unchanged.

And when a much-loved media celebrity like Andrew Denton tells Christians to “butt out” of the euthanasia debate, it sends a big message that the cool kids don’t want us hanging around anymore.

But as I wrote last week, it is encouraging to see some prominent secular commentators pushing back on the “let’s trash Christianity” narrative.

Last Sunday I was asked to be a guest on the Sky News program “Outsiders” with Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean.

Both are political commentators and satirists of the political right.

My point is that a mainstream political talk show wanted to have a Christian lobbyist on to discuss Christianity’s place in the public discourse.

Some in the commentariat are uneasy about the glee with which some people are trying to bury Christianity and dance on its grave.

I believe Christianity is essential to freedom and democracy.

It was a privilege to be allowed to put that view on national television with time to explain the historical basis for it.

The American founders, who pioneered the modern form of freedom and democracy from which Australia and other liberal democracies took their cue, knew that freedom comes from a virtuous people and that virtue comes from Christianity.

As our society continues to trash the idea of virtue and its source, many are feeling discomfort.

Innately they know that we are hacking away at something special – that our free society just didn’t arise from a vacuum.

Whether people are Christians or not, all humans are created in God’s image.

This means his truth will resonate with anyone who has a soft enough heart to hear.

As I discovered on Sunday, it is not just Christians who are worried about the demise of Christianity.

Anyone who knows anything about the roots of our civilisation knows that the trashing of Christianity’s place in our society has serious consequences.

This should encourage us Christians and embolden us to keep playing our part in the public discourse – even and especially in the toughest political and social debates.