Catholic and independent schools may be targeted next by the Victorian Government, warns Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy after the Andrews Government has indicated the controversial Safe Schools program will be mandatory in all state secondary schools by 2018. 

Speaking to ACL's Voice for Values, Mr Guy said he will remove Safe Schools from classrooms should he be elected at the next state election.

Listen to Voice for Values radio as Mr Guy speaks about the Safe Schools program and provides a stark assessment of the future of education in Victoria.

“Now come the next state election in Victoria, the Labor Government and Daniel Andrews will be telling - particularly Catholic schools - they’ll be saying no, we give you a guarantee that we won’t force you as educators to teach Safe Schools upon your kids at Catholic schools,” Mr Guy told Voice for Values.

“Well that guarantee is one, I think, that should be treated with great suspicion. It’s my view that they will force this program upon all schools - Catholic and all non-government schools after the next election should they get back.”

Mr Guy said the Victorian Government was also targeting homeschooling.

“This state government in Victoria wants to control the raising of everyone’s children," Mr Guy said.

“The only way you can do that is to find ways to penalise people for home schooling to force you back into the state government system in which they can then impart their radical theories upon your own children,” stated Mr Guy.

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