The Australian Christian Lobby has questioned the ACT Government’s decision to fly LGBTIQ rainbow flags on public land on Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and Garema Place in Canberra.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said regardless of where people stood on controversial issues such as redefining marriage and the ‘Safe Schools’ program, it was inappropriate for a flag that has come to represent these political causes to be displayed on public land.

“The rainbow flag has become the standard of a political movement that believes children should be taught their gender is fluid at a ‘safe school’, something many parents would take issue with,” Mr Shelton said.

“It is the flag of the movement to redefine marriage – a movement that is pushing for children to be denied their biological parents through unethical assisted reproductive practices such as commercial surrogacy and anonymous sperm donation.

“It is the flag of a movement that wants to use so-called hate speech laws to fine Australians who refuse to bow to its political agenda,” Mr Shelton said.

“Why should one political movement get favour over other movements with this publicly-funded exposure?

“I am sure there are many political causes that would be lining up for this type of publicly-funded endorsement and profile.

“If the ACT Government wants to promote the LGBTIQ political agenda, it should support the Turnbull Government’s promised people’s vote on whether or not gender should be removed from marriage,” Mr Shelton said.