In an apparent admission of failure, Rob Pyne has re-packaged his abortion-to-birth bill.

Queensland Parliamentarians should reject Rob Pyne’s latest crusade to allow healthy babies to be aborted right up to five minutes before birth.

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director Wendy Francis said Mr Pyne’s tabling of a second abortion-to-birth bill today and his insistence there be no more consultation was arrogant and an abuse of parliamentary process.

“This second bill is almost identical to the first, which has been roundly criticised in evidence to the parliamentary committee into his first bill,” Ms Francis said.

“Requiring two doctors, who could be abortionists at a for-profit clinic, to sign off on abortion-to-birth was just window dressing.

“The anti-free speech clause added, prohibiting peaceful prayer and protest outside money-making clinics, was draconian.

“Mr Pyne’s abortion-to-birth crusade has unearthed deep discomfort with late-term abortion amongst members of the Parliamentary committee inquiring into his first bill and also amongst his parliamentary colleagues.

“This latest bill smacks of arrogance and desperation to achieve what would be radical changes to society’s view of human rights.

“In what appears to be an admission that his bill was doomed to fail, Mr Pyne today tabled a second abortion-to-birth bill before the Parliamentary committee has even tabled its report into his first bill – due on 26th August.

“Despite extensive input from professionals, Mr Pyne, in his new bill, has ignored calls for counselling, cooling off periods, access to ultrasound technology to view the unborn baby and respect for the rights of doctors and nurses not to participate in abortion.”

The Parliamentary inquiry heard evidence of babies being born alive after failed abortions and then left to die, some gasping for breath.

“Maybe this is why Mr Pyne does not want an inquiry into his latest abortion-to-birth bill,” Ms Francis said.