The Australia Christian Lobby has called on the Minister for Education Simon Birmingham to instruct the education department to stop promoting the controversial Minus18 organisation.

During Senate Estimates today, Minister Birmingham was unable to confirm why references to Minus18 were still contained within Safe Schools Coalition material after he directed its removal seven months ago.

In answering questions from Nationals Senator John Williams about links to third party organisations, the Education Department’s Tony Cook answered: “In terms of Safe Schools resources, I am certainly assured that all the external links as per the recommendation have been removed in terms of the safe school resources.”

Despite Mr Cook’s assurances Minus18, an organisation that provides instruction to children in penis tucking and chest binding, continues to be promoted by the federal government.

Alarm over links to Minus18 was first raised last year by former Senator Bill O’Chee for failing to put in safeguards to prevent potential online predators from using the site.

In March, Minister Birmingham ordered that “all third party organisation branding removed from all official resources” yet official video resources of Safe Schools Coalition housed on the still advertise Minus18.

“Unfortunately after seven months the government is still struggling to untangle the Safe Schools Coalition from third party groups such as Minus18,” said Lyle Shelton, Managing Director of Australia Christian Lobby

“This is just further evidence that the Safe Schools Coalition material which is now located on the wellbeing hub remains enmeshed in gender ideology” said Mr Shelton.

“This is ideology that encourages children to question their biology and promotes the use of radical and sometimes dangerous body altering techniques such as penis tucking and chest binding.

“Why organisations like this are allowed to continue to be linked in official program resources is unclear and deeply concerning.”

Mr Shelton noted that the federal government has quietly rebranded the safes schools hub, this comes after months of controversy about safe schools teaching children gender queer theory.

This video, contained on the federal government’s website references Minus18 on several occasions; 8sec, 5:38 and 6:10.