Is this about “equality” or is there something else at play?

New laws allowing people to designate a non-biological gender on their birth certificate should wait until after the plebiscite on changing the definition of marriage.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said radical changes that would allow men identifying as women to enter women’s private spaces such as toilets and change rooms needed wider public discussion.

“The LGBTIQ political lobbyists are moving way too fast for ordinary Australians who hold to the biological view of boys and girls, men and women and do not want gender theory taught as fact at school,” Mr Shelton said.

“Premier Daniel Andrews is one of the most vocal proponents of same-sex marriage and he is at the forefront of the compulsory indoctrination of children into radical gender theory at school.

“This week’s move to allow birth certificates to be changed by someone who thinks they might be of the opposite sex is the latest in a deliberate ideological campaign to deconstruct society’s gender norms,” Mr Shelton said.

The Victorian Government’s proposal is that gender on birth certificates should be allowed to be altered, even without sex change surgery.

Queensland activists groups are also calling for similar legislation.

The laws also allow people who have sought to change their sex to remain married without having to divorce on the grounds that they were in a same-sex relationship.

“Australians will soon be voting on whether gender diversity should be removed as a requirement for marriage,” Mr Shelton said.

“That is the appropriate time to debate the sort of ideas put forward by the Andrews Government.

“Given that ‘safe schools’ and jettisoning biological reality on birth certificates are a package deal with same-sex marriage, it is only fitting that the Australian people have a say on whether or not our nation continues down this path.”

Mr Shelton said Mr Andrews new laws would make many private spaces unsafe for women.

“Why should a man identifying as a woman be allowed into a woman’s gym or a domestic violence shelter?

“Why should biological males identifying as women be allowed into women’s public toilets and shower facilities?”

It is time to re-think the rainbow political agenda and the marriage plebiscite is the ideal time to have a respectful debate about the consequences of redefining marriage.

Mr Shelton said many people were unaware that the ACT Government, another big supporter of redefining marriage, had already removed gender from childrens’ birth certificates with parents having to opt-in to have mother and father recorded.