In a move that may further alienate pro-life and conservative voters from the Coalition, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop today announced $9.5 million of Australia’s overseas aid for abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Australian Christian Lobby’s spokesperson for women’s issues, Wendy Francis, said the move appeared to be in response to Labor’s urging of the Government to fill a funding gap created by US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of US aid money going to organisations which give abortion advice.

“Australian taxpayers’ money should not be funding the abortion of the children of women in countries where they don’t even have proper birthing facilities,” Ms Francis said.

“The greatest risk to women’s maternal health in the developing world is lack of access to clean birthing facilities, not lack of access to abortion.

“Our aid money should not be used to fund sex-selection abortions, something practiced in many cultures where this money is going.

“This sort of public policy makes the Coalition unattractive to Christian voters who want our nation to be generous with our aid budget, but do not want it used to fund the killing of unborn babies in poor countries.”

Ms Francis said the International Planned Parenthood organisation’s American abortion business was about to be defunded by the Congress and the Trump administration after investigations found it was selling aborted baby parts for profit to medical research companies.

“Planned Parenthood’s American abortion business has been found to be acting unethically and yet the Australian Government today gave $9.5 million to its international affiliate.”

Ms Francis called on the Turnbull Government to ensure none of Australia’s aid money went to the funding of abortions.

Today’s move further undermined confidence in the overseas aid program, something supported by most Christians because of their desire to be generous to the poor.

Ms Bishop’s announcement comes after nearly 4000 Queenslanders marched in a heat wave at the weekend’s March for Life.