The Australian Christian Lobby has urged South Australian Parliamentarians to reject a bill which intentionally strips children of the right to know the love and care of their mother and father.

Slated for debate in the House of Assembly this week, the far-reaching Relationships Register Bill will allow same-sex couples to use assisted reproductive technology to deny children their biological mother or father.

ACL Acting South Australian Director Dan Flynn warned that the bill goes far beyond simply allowing same-sex couples to register their relationship, as the name suggests.

“If the bill is passed it will take away the rights of surrogate and IVF children, wherever possible, to have both a mother and a father,” Mr Flynn said.

“The bill will upend South Australia’s existing partner laws, give legal recognition to foreign same-sex marriages and remove the right of conscientious objection from medical staff involved in assisted reproductive technology.

“South Australians are deeply concerned with any moves by parliament that ignore the best interest of the child and lead to the commodification of children.

“The ACL calls on the parliament to reject this bill. The rights of children are too important.

“It is wrong for parliaments to legislate for a baby or child to miss out on a mother or a father.”

Mr Flynn said it would be disturbing to medical staff to have laws introduced that take away their right to hold objections when same-sex partners seek IVF.

“It is perfectly legitimate for a medical practitioner to decline to participate in a practice which denies children their right to their mother or father,” Mr Flynn said.

He said the rights of children to a father and mother were also being undermined by the efforts of the South Australian Government to allow same-sex couples to adopt.

“In considering any bill, the best interests and welfare of a child should take primacy over the preferences of adults,” Mr Flynn said.