Queensland Labor has been urged to vote down a motion to liberalise abortion laws, set to be debated over the next two days at the Labor Conference in Townsville.

“The solid opposition to Cairns Independent MP Rob Pyne’s failed bid to remove current abortion safeguards should still be fresh in the mind of Labor MPs when they consider this motion,” according to Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director Wendy Francis.

“Why would the Labor Party, just months ahead of an election, seek to ignore the tens of thousands of Queenslanders who voiced opposition to recent attempts to tamper with abortion laws?

“The ACL encourages Labor to stand firm and resist any radical attempts to alter or liberalise abortion laws.

“Passing a motion to decriminalise abortion will drive a pro-life generation away from Labor to other parties such as the LNP which early this month made a pro-life commitment part of its election platform,” Ms Francis said.

In the past year 55,000 people signed two petitions against efforts to liberalise abortion laws while around 4,000 pro-lifers marched through Brisbane’s streets.

Of around 2,700 submissions received by a parliamentary inquiry into Pyne’s dangerous abortion bills, more than 80 per cent of submissions opposed the bill.

“It is clear that the community wants both major parties to stick to their election commitments and not change existing abortion laws,” Ms Francis said.