A glance at today’s headlines shows that same-sex marriage is tearing our political class apart.

For an issue that doesn’t even register as a concern with the average punter – it is number 16 on the priority list for the left-leaning GetUp! supporters – it is dominating politics.

It is even threatening Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership.

At a time when most people are concerned about rising electricity prices, our political discourse has been hi-jacked by activists and their supporters in the media.

Yes, poll results show support for same-sex marriage but people don’t want to be called bigots and have not thought through the consequences of change. They give a soft and uniformed “yes” to pollsters.

That is why supporters of same-sex marriage are desperate to keep the Australian people from voting on the issue in the privacy of a polling booth where they can’t be branded “homophobes”.

Same-sex marriage is of course not about marriage.

A wise man once said “the issue is never the issues, control is the issue”.

At best 0.5 percent of the population might take up same-sex marriage if it were available.

It is a proxy for much bigger things.

It has already captured one side of politics.

Labor capitulated to the full LGBTIQ agenda at its August 2015 national conference in Melbourne where the rainbow flag was unfurled as a sign of total victory. I was there watching in disbelief as no resistance was offered apart from that of union legend Joe de Bruyn.

He defiantly sat in his seat as all of Labor rose as one to applaud the rainbow flag.

Forcing its MPs from 2019 to vote for same-sex marriage or be expelled, “Safe Schools” everywhere and taxpayer-funded sex change surgery, even for minors. If it was in the LGBTIQ political manifesto, it is now embedded in Labor’s national platform.

I kid you not.

Having captured Labor, the rainbow political movement is now engaged in an intense battle for control of the soul of the conservative side of politics.

Liberal politicians Tim Wilson, Christopher Pyne, Trevor Evans, Trent Zimmerman, Dean Smith, Jason Wood, Warren Entsch are among those carrying the spear for this movement in the Liberal Party.

Next Tuesday morning when the Liberal Party Room meets in Canberra, they will be arguing that the government trashes its election promise to consult the people of Australia before any change to marriage.

These men will dispute that they support the full gamut of the LGBTIQ political agenda but if anyone thinks rainbow activism stops with same-sex marriage, they should think again.

It just doesn’t stop.

A week-and-half-ago the UK’s equality minister Justine Greening announced that men identifying as women, and vice versa, could sign a piece of paper and change their gender.

No thought has been given to women’s privacy in public toilets and change rooms where “women” with penises will now be allow to share intimate facilities.

Yet Greening said this was the next great “step forward” after same-sex marriage was legalised in Britain in 2013.

Christopher Pyne’s “winners’ circle” is contemplating wresting control of the House of Representatives from their own government and giving it to the Labor Party so same-sex marriage can be debated.

I can’t remember a time in history when a government’s own members have defied their own election promise, defied their leader and taken control of a House of Parliament.

There can hardly be anything more humiliating for a sitting Prime Minister who has consistently upheld his election promise of no change to marriage without a people’s vote.

Please pray for our nation.

This is an issue of social justice for children, it is an issue of freedom. It goes to the heart of whether-or-not our nation will believe the truth about marriage, family and what it means to be human, male and female, in the image of God.