The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed news that the Queensland Government has refused to extend further funding to the Safe Schools program when Federal funding expires at the end of June. 

However, parents are still seeking assurances that queer theory won’t be taught to their kids, irrespective of who pays, according to ACL spokesperson Wendy Francis.

“Safe Schools is more than just lesson plans. It promotes a ‘whole of school approach’, using the school environment to immerse its captive audience in rainbow LGBTIQPA+ ideology," Ms Francis said.

“This program of indoctrination is still possible, whether a school has signed up to the Safe Schools Coalition or not and whether Queensland provides funding or not.

“Having seen what is in the program, parents are looking to the Queensland Government to show leadership and support them in seeing queer theory in all its forms removed from the curriculum and the wider school environment entirely, so that kids can get on with just being kids.

“There has been a massive parental backlash against teaching of sexual fluidity to their children in school, as well as to the degree of sexualisation introduced to the classroom through the Safe Schools agenda,” Ms Francis said.

“Queensland children as young as four have been given assistance by the Safe Schools program to transition gender. 

“The Federal Government’s Student Wellbeing Hub still houses Safe Schools materials, posters and guides, which gives the impression that these are appropriate resources for use in Australian schools, even when clearly they are not.

“The ACL supports the Queensland Government decision not to fund the continuation of the Safe Schools program. This is a good step in the right direction but more needs to be done to protect children from inappropriate sexualised material. Parents send their children to school to be educated, and not to be immersed in rainbow ideology and inappropriate and confusing sexual messaging."