The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the defeat of the Andrews Government’s Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration Amendment Bill in the Victorian Upper House today.

ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn said by voting down the bizarre bill, the opposition and many in the cross-bench had ensured the rights of women and girls to feel safe in women-only spaces would be maintained.

“The bill failed to withstand the scrutiny of the Legislative Council with many MPs expressing concern that a person could change their sex merely by self-identification,” Mr Flynn said.

“If passed, the bill would have enabled biological males to change their ‘sex’ on their birth certificate to female merely by stating that they ‘identify as’ a woman.

“This bill would have irresponsibly placed women and children at risk in domestic violence shelters, gymnasiums and toilets.

“The bill contained the stunning proposition that men could change the sex on their birth certificate, regardless of whether they experience ‘gender dysphoria’ or even attempt to present themselves to the world as the opposite sex."

Furthermore, the bill promoted the idea that minors could change their sex.

The risks to children were recently pointed out by Dr John Whitehall, Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University, who voiced concern about children being conditioned by cheerleading parents enmeshed in the transgender cause.

“Fortunately the Opposition and most of the cross-bench MPs rejected the pretensions involved and demonstrated that this gender bending bill was out of step with community opinion,” Mr Flynn said.

“The Government has now suffered its second defeat in a week with this LGBTI bill being voted down and ACL urges the Government to listen to the community concerns and reconsider its priorities. 

“Victorians can be pleased that the Legislative Council is doing its job as a House of review and rejecting symbolic legislation that puts ordinary Victorians at risk.”