All Australians should have the freedom of speech to participate in the debates about redefining marriage and whether teaching children their gender is fluid is acceptable, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

This follows last night’s comments by Labor Senator Penny Wong in her Frank Walker lecture where she criticised ACL’s role in the marriage and “Safe Schools” debates, suggesting Australians with a Christian worldview should not be allowed to have a say.

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton said it was disappointing that Senator Wong was seeking to exclude some Australians from these important national debates.

Senator Wong said separation of church and state meant religious people should not be allowed to “impose their views” about marriage.

“We live in a democracy. No one’s views can be imposed unless there is consent by the majority,” Mr Shelton said.

“And Christians are certainly not seeking to impose their views. We believe it is important that all Australians understand the consequences of redefining marriage.

“One of the biggest consequences is the supressing of free speech as we saw again last night.

“Whether it is pressure at work from corporate CEOs signed up to the rainbow political agenda or a beer company sponsoring the Bible Society, free speech is under unprecedented threat in this country.

“This is why we need a plebiscite. It is important that no-one’s views are imposed without the consent of a majority of citizens following an open debate about the consequences.”