With Australian same-sex marriage activists saying there are no consequences to changing the definition of marriage, the Swedish Prime Minister (pictured) has warned priests to perform gay marriages or “find another job”.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said rebel Liberal MPs working on a same-sex marriage bill that supposedly protects religious freedom were naïve if they thought protections for freedom would stand the test of time.

“Just eight years on from re-defining marriage, Sweden is now pressuring the church from the highest levels of government,” Mr Shelton said.

“Given what we now know from Sweden and other countries, churches should be very concerned about the true agenda of this global political movement.”

As John Howard’s former Chief of Staff, Graham Morris, said on the ABC’s Q&A program last night, there are consequences to changing marriage:

“Are we going to force the churches to have these marriages? Are we going to force the people who make the wedding cakes — can they opt out? What about somebody who runs a church hall in a country area? Can they opt out? There are a lot of questions to go.”

Mr Shelton welcomed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s re-affirmation of his party’s people’s vote policy in the wake of Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne’s undermining of it.

So far, more than 36,000 people have signed a petition calling for the Senate to allow the marriage plebiscite.