On Saturday I got up at 4am and drove five hours to Finley in the New South Wales Riverina.

Finley is a long way from the rainbow flags of inner city Sydney and Canberra where I had been the previous day.

John Everingham, a local farmer, organised a seminar to help people understand the consequences of redefining marriage and the implications of the so-called “Safe Schools” program.

Sophie York from Marriage Alliance and Bill Muehlenberg of Culture Watch were the other speakers.

More than 100 people from as far away as Shepparton and Griffith attended. That they stayed until 3pm, asking questions and listening intently showed me that there is real concern brewing.

Parents, grandparents and teachers can’t understand why a government-funded program is teaching children that their biological gender is fluid.

People are rightly concerned about whether or not it will be okay to speak out loud one’s view that marriage is between one man and one woman, if it is redefined in law.

This is not a far-fetched fear. A local NSW Ambulance Officer was warned by his superiors not to attend the Finley seminar in uniform.

Normally he is encouraged to participate in community events in uniform.

Yet on Saturday night, the same day as our seminar, the NSW Ambulance had a float with uniformed personal participating in the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras.

When I recited  this anecdote on Sky News on Sunday night, even host Patricia Karvelas, a strong advocate for redefining marriage, admitted live on air that this was a double standard.

Yet people all over Australia, like those in Finley, now live in fear of violating the new “rainbow code”.

What will it be like if the law ever changes?

Also at Saturday night’s celebration of sexual anarchy, the Australian Army again marched in uniform.

But this time the Army’s sacred rising sun badge had been modified to have the rainbow political colours encircling it.

The Mardi Gras of course is a political protest march and the theme of redefining marriage ran through the entire event again.

So what does the rainbow flag stand for? Essentially it is three things.

Firstly, it stands for redefining marriage and therefore redefining family. This means deliberately denying some children the right to the love of their mother and father. Not because of tragedy or desertion, but to satisfy the desires of adults of the same gender.

On Sky News on Sunday night, I asked the leader of the same-sex marriage movement, Rodney Croome, how two “married” men get babies. His response is worth watching.

Secondly, the rainbow flag represents the political agenda to ensure children are taught through “safe schools” and “respectful relationships” programs that their biological gender is fluid.

Thirdly, the rainbow flag represents fining Australians under “hate speech” laws who disagree with redefining marriage.

For our military, police and emergency services to be co-opted into the rainbow political agenda should concern all Australians, regardless of what their view on redefining marriage is.

It is doubtful these personnel would be granted permission to march in uniform for other political causes such as one of the growing pro-life marches around our nation.

I couldn’t see the Army allowing soldiers to pin to their lapels the little feet badge of the pro-life movement which represents tens of thousands of babies killed in the womb each year.

To paraphrase a line from George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, some political causes are more equal than others.

It is time to push back, it is time to call out “the emperor has no clothes”.

Please sign our petition to the Defence Minister Marise Payne calling on her to keep the army above politics.

Thanks for taking action. Together we can make a difference.

God bless.