If same-sex marriage activists were serious about gay rights they would be campaigning to have Etihad Stadium renamed and for Qantas to drop its partnership with Emirates, Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said today.

His comments come as Google Maps stripped tennis great Margaret Court’s name from the arena at Melbourne Park named in her honour.

“Same-sex marriage activists have never campaigned against the anti-gay Gulf-States’ airline Etihad’s name adorning the football stadium at Docklands in Melbourne.

“They have never called out Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce for his hypocrisy in partnering with Emirates a state-owned airline from a country where homosexuality is illegal.

Mr Shelton said Margaret Court was being maliciously targeted because of her views on marriage and the teaching of children that their gender is fluid through programs like “Safe Schools”.

“Margaret Court has publicly stated that while disagreeing with same-sex marriage and gender theory, that she loves gay people.

“Australians should not sit back in silence and watch her reputation being perniciously trashed simply because she has expressed concerns shared by millions of Australians about the definition of marriage and children’s education.

“One has to wonder if she is being targeted because her beliefs are informed by a Christian vision for marriage and gender diversity.

“The Turnbull Government’s promised people’s vote is needed to resolve this issue and the Senate should reconsider its opposition to it,” Mr Shelton said.