Any person over age 75 will be able to receive euthanasia - even when perfectly healthy - under proposed law in the Netherlands, as Dutch doctors warn that euthanasia is ‘getting out of hand’.

“When euthanasia was first introduced in the Netherlands in 2002, no one would have imagined a time when legislators would permit euthanasia simply because a person had reached a certain age,” Australian Christian Lobby Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

“Disturbingly, this new push comes as new data from The Netherlands shows more than 400 patients were put to death by their doctor in 2015, without having given explicit consent.

One such case was a woman who on resisting, was held down by her family as her doctor killed her with a lethal substance

“As Notre Dame University Bioethics Professor Margaret Somerville expressed today in the Herald Sun, ‘once euthanasia is normalised slippery slopes are unavoidable’,” Mr Flynn said.

“With the Dutch Parliament now considering euthanasia for anyone simply based on their age, and examples of similar abuse in other countries, it is becoming increasingly problematical for the Victorian Government, which plans to legalise euthanasia, to point to examples of where so-called safeguards have worked,” Flynn said

“Thankfully, Victorians have the benefit of drawing on the experiences in countries such as Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands to know that it does not take long for so-called safeguards to be eroded under constant pressure from euthanasia activists,” Mr Flynn said.

The latest move in the Netherlands has led a group of 220 doctors to warn that things are ‘getting out of hand’ while Oregon doctor, William Toffler is currently on tour in Australia warning Australia “not to make the same mistake” of opening the door to euthanasia.

“We know that in other countries held up as examples of good public policy by advocates like Andrew Denton and Dr Philip Nitschke, euthanasia has slipped from being available only to the terminally ill to euthanising the mentally ill and even children,” Mr Flynn said.

“Having not taken this significant policy to an election, the Victorian Government needs to reassure voters that this will not be Victoria’s future, and cease current state-sanctioned euthanasia plans.”

The ACL is encouraging Victorians to write to Labor MPs encouraging them to vote against assisted suicide and euthanasia.