Win or lose the marriage debate (and I think we are in with a real chance of winning), the need for continued and bold Christian witness in the public policy discourse will not go away.

That is why ACL has assembled a world-class line-up of speakers for our national conference and it is why we have called it Embolden.

If the marriage debate has taught us nothing else, it should have taught us that truth cannot be allowed to be further marginalised.

Isaiah 59:14 says “…truth has stumbled in the public square.”

This is because the church has been too quiet for generations. We are now reaping the whirlwind because of our silence.

Our democracy is a participatory democracy and ideas have consequences.

The consequence of the church not participating has been the legislation of harmful policy and increasing pressure on religious freedom.

We are living with the consequences of unchallenged bad ideas working their way through our political system.

The Embolden conference has been designed to inspire you and other Christian leaders to reverse the trend of silence from good people.

We will be covering a broad range of areas including theology of political engagement, indigenous reconciliation (I’m very excited to have Noel Pearson speaking), reversing the sexualisation of children, girls and women, gender theory, marriage and the role of Christianity in a post-truth society.

Please plan to come. Please encourage young people who you know have an interest in public policy to come.

The marriage debate is just the start. We need to press on and change the way Christians engage with our democracy.

Our future depends on it.

Register now for our national conference.