Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad should apologise for labelling supporters of children’s rights to a mother and father “disgraceful bigots,” according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis said people were becoming increasingly worried by the intolerance of those pushing rainbow political agendas such as same-sex adoption and same-sex marriage.

Ms Trad made the comment in Parliament during debate about allowing same-sex couples and single people the right to adopt children.

“Rainbow politics pushes contested ideology and people should have the right to disagree without being labelled ‘bigots’,” Ms Francis said.

“With Queensland Labor voting at the weekend to enforce a five percent quota for homosexual political candidates, people were also perplexed by the special treatment metered out to a political movement which has utter contempt for those who do not share its views.

“Rhetoric like this from powerful politicians like a deputy premier have many people fearful about what might happen to dissenters of same-sex marriage should the marriage law ever change.”

Ms Francis said federal Labor’s plan to block the people’s vote on marriage next week in the Senate was a good opportunity for the nation to draw a line under the same-sex marriage debate.

“There is no discrimination in Australian law against same sex couples. But we know that if the law changes millions of Australians who will always believe in man-woman marriage will be considered by powerful politicians to be ‘disgraceful bigots’.”