Warning: contains graphic language 

The Victorian Government should explain to parents why it denied claims that students as young as 13 were being taught how to masturbate in light of new video evidence to the contrary.

“Victorian parents need to have confidence that the Government is being fair dinkum in heeding parental concerns and not seeking to withhold information about what radical sex education programs are really being taught in classrooms across the state” Australian Christian Lobby Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

It follows the release of a video last night on Mark Latham’s Outsiders program taken in a year eight class which taught explicit details of masturbation to 13 year olds.

“It is disturbing that instead of a Victorian mother being supported since raising her concerns last month, the Education Department has been in denial about what is being taught through so-called Safe Schools or other radical sex ed programs.

“What else is the Education Department not telling parents as it prepares to make this content compulsory in all state high schools by 2018?

“What message does it send to parents across Victoria when the Education Department appears unwilling to own up to what is being taught to children under their care?

“Why has it taken the actions of this brave mother for news of this radical sex education programs to be exposed?”

“International experience shows that once same-sex marriage is legalised, radical sex education programs become compulsory in schools, with parental rights to object being denied by the schools and by the courts.  Australian parents have the ability, by voting ‘no’ in this postal plebiscite, to register their strong objection to these types of programs.”