It’s almost a week since we learned the result of the marriage plebiscite.

While there is understandable disappointment, there is also optimism about the future.

As one of the ACL Team members said in our de-briefing, we now have an accurate diagnostic of the moral health of the nation.

The pathology of bad ideas is more serious than we thought but now we know. This will inform our action going forward.

When we planned our ‘Embolden’ national conference for last weekend, we had no idea it would be three days after the result.

It was energising to be with 700 supporters almost filling the Wesley Centre in Sydney to capacity as we looked at ‘where to from here’.

We were able to encourage one another and leave with a sense of momentum.

Our immediate focus is on the Parliamentary battle for freedom of speech, religion and parents’ rights to be protected.

The Yes campaign said no-one else’s freedoms would be affected, no doubt influencing the voting intentions of many who voted Yes.

Now that the result is out and the Parliamentary phase to legislate same-sex marriage has begun, it is clear that the Yes side has no intention of allowing freedom of speech, adequate protection for freedom of religion and freedom for parents to absent their children from radical LGBTIQ sex education in schools.

This is deeply disappointing and the Yes campaign have been given a leave pass from most of the media.

I have spoken to leaders from the Islamic and Christian school movements who are deeply concerned that their schools will not be able to provide parents the education they expect in the values of their religions.

The seriousness of what has occurred cannot be underestimated.

Whether charities will lose their tax exemptions, schools will keep their funding and ministers will be able to teach that marriage is one man and one woman without being dragged before a commission is all in the balance and not assured as I write this.

It remains to be seen if the Prime Minister will make good his declaration that he believes in freedom of religion more than same-sex marriage.

With the Senate still dealing with the legislation, next week will be crucial in determining wether or not Australia remains a free and pluralist society.

Despite all this, we are emboldened by your support and those of you who were able to attend the conference in Sydney.

It was a great weekend.

We plan to have the video and audio on-line in the near future.