Comments today by Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison that he would like to see foreign aid money increase in future budgets are commendable, sending a positive message about our nation’s desire to be generous to the world’s poor, according to the Australia Christian Lobby.

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton said while disappointed that foreign aid was dealt a further blow in yesterday’s Federal Budget, the comments by Treasurer Morrison at his post-budget address to the National Press Club at Parliament House today provides a glimmer of hope that we may have seen the last of cuts to aid.

“Mr Morrison made it clear that aid remained a Government priority and in reflecting his own views said that he looked forward ‘to the day when we can be more generous’,” Mr Shelton said.

“While having a fiscally responsible budget is important, Australians also expect the Government to be generous to the poor, especially considering the genocide and famines and other tragic events in parts of Africa and the Middle East,” Mr Shelton said.

“The aspiration to increase foreign aid, espoused today by Treasurer Morrison, will go some way in restoring confidence in Australia’s commitment to be generous to the world’s poor.

“It would be nice to believe that Budget 2017 is our low-water mark for foreign aid.”