We accept the result of the same-sex marriage postal survey. That is not in question. We lost.

Australia will redefine marriage.

But the Yes Campaign said there would be no consequences to other Australians’ freedoms, something all Australians should now know to be false.

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he believed in religious freedom more than he believed in same-sex marriage.

The Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said he supported religious freedom.

Both leaders’ support of the Smith Bill calls their plebiscite campaign public pronouncements into question. 

As the Senate this week debates the Dean Smith Bill, named after the gay Liberal Senator from Western Australia, it is clear he makes no provision for freedom of speech and only the most limited protections for freedom of religion at a wedding.

Let me say that again. There is no provision for freedom of speech in the Dean Smith Bill.

There is no protection for Muslim and Christian schools wishing to teach the values of marriage their parent body expect.

We at ACL and the Coalition for Marriage always knew this.

We know the real agenda of the LGBTIQ political movement. This has never been about marriage, it is about control.

That senior Liberals in Christopher Pyne’s pro-same-sex marriage “winners’ circle” agree with the Greens and Labor that the Smith Bill is fine, shows just how far the ‘party of individual freedom’ has drifted off mission.

While we accept the result of the plebiscite, we have every right to hold the Yes campaign to account for the claims it made to win votes.

Everyday of the campaign the Yes camp labelled our concerns about freedom of speech, freedom of religion and parents’ rights as “red herrings” and “furphies”.

Now that they are backing a bill which takes away all these freedoms, we have every right to fight for what they said would not be affected.

This is a fight that will go on for years and already the Government has established a process led by former MP Philip Ruddock which will drag into next year. Once the ink is dry on the same-sex marriage legislation, I doubt there will be political will to reinstate basic freedoms after they are gone.

The hard heads in the Liberal and National parties who thought having a postal plebiscite was a good way of getting the toxic issue of same-sex marriage off the political agenda by Christmas were sadly mistaken.

They will now live with the political consequences of a dishonest campaign which is now alienating both Yes and No voters.

Anyone who thought the LGBTIQ community would rest with redefining marriage is naïve. The Dean Smith bill is evidence that they have simply moved to the next phase of their political agenda, which is crushing all dissent.

All we are asking is what the Yes campaign promised.

With the Senate voting this week before the Smith Bill heads to the House of Representatives next week, time is short.