Liberal politicians’ open defiance of the Prime Minister and their party’s election promise on marriage is making the party less attractive to values voters by the day.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said recent threats by Liberal members Trevor Evans (pictured), Trent Zimmerman, Warren Entsch, Tim Wilson, Dean Smith and Christopher Pyne to ditch the party’s election promise of no change to the Marriage Act without a peoples’ vote cast doubt on whether the party could be trusted to keep its promises.

“Trust is the virtue a parliamentarian should cherish the most," Mr Shelton said.

“It is disappointing that so many Liberals do not seem to respect the people who elected them.

“This is making the party less attractive to the growing number of Australians who are concerned about the consequences of a change to the definition of marriage in law.”

Mr Shelton said a petition calling on Liberal Senator Dean Smith, Labor, the Nick Xenophon Team and Senator Derryn Hinch to allow the peoples’ vote to proceed would be presented next week.

So far almost 48,000 people have signed and this is expected to exceed 50,000 by next week.