Today the government began posting same-sex marriage survey forms to all Australian voters.

Between now and the November 7 deadline, all Australians will have their chance to have a say on probably the biggest social policy question of our generation.

The consequences for freedom of speech, religion, what your children are taught at school and the rights of kids to their mum and dad are real.

We will know the result on November 15.

Right now it is important we do all we can to encourage everyone we know to vote No.

On Saturday, the Coalition for Marriage will hold its official launch in Sydney. If you live in the Sydney region, please come - book now.

For those in other capital cities, please standby for details of events where you live.

It is so important that Christians understand what is at stake for our faith. Former Prime Minister John Howard says it well in this video.

Please encourage your pastor to play this at your church.

Send it to all your friends on social media.

ACL has produced “3 Reasons to Vote No”. Please also share this.

Thanks to all who have been donating. You have kept our ads on television. We are still being massively outspent by the other side so anything more you can do would be appreciated.

Above all, please pray. This is a David and Goliath battle. But the little guy won in the end.