Silence from us pesky Christians is what elites want.

We have no business putting forward an alternative vision for marriage and gender, we were told not once, but twice this week.

The new Australia they are trying to create excludes a Christian worldview from the public square.

First there was Labor Senate Leader Penny Wong asserting that separation of church and state meant Christians should stay out of the marriage and “safe schools” debates.

Really? Why should one group of Australians be disbarred from debate about laws which affect children and freedoms while other Australians are allowed to participate?

Separation of church and state is important but it was never designed to exclude religious people from public policy debates. Penny Wong should know better.

All Australians should be free to have their say on any issue – especially marriage and “safe schools”.

But it is frightening for free speech in this country that no-one pulled her up.

Media were quite happy to report her critique of ACL, but our reply was ignored.

Secondly, news broke at the weekend that the Australian Medical Association is campaigning to redefine marriage because it is a mental health issue.

Dr John Hayes kindly provided me a copy of this letter he has sent to a major newspaper.

Dear Sir,

             The Federal AMA leadership has lost credibility by claiming that denying homosexuals the right to marry is detrimental to their mental health. This is pure spin and has no scientific basis. The truth is the AMA has capitulated to intense Media pressure from the Gay Lobby, led by former AMA president, Dr Kerryn Phelps, whose comment that "Christians now have nowhere to hide” is sectarian bigotry unbecoming of a former AMA president.

             Ordinary AMA members were denied a vote on this issue, whereas in 2016, members were given a say and overwhelmingly rejected Euthanasia.


Dr John Hayes, AMA member

I’ve met Dr Kerryn Phelps. We were on the ABC1’s Q&A program together. Off camera, we got along well despite our disagreement about redefining marriage.

Her comment at the weekend that “Christians have nowhere to hide” is a worry.

We need to be determined not to hide. This is a time to have courage and to speak up for the truth about marriage and why gender diversity in it matters.

Could I encourage all doctors reading this to write to the AMA president Dr Michael Gannon at [email protected]? Please be polite, as I know all doctors are. No lemon merengue pie-type emails.

These latest developments are why it is so important that all Australians are allowed to have a say through the plebiscite that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised but which has been thwarted in the Senate by Labor, the Greens, the Xenophon Team and Derryn Hinch.

Today we are launching a petition to the Australian Senate urging it to allow the people to speak on this issue which affects freedom of speech and the truth about children’s gender.

We want to raise a massive petition of ordinary Australians so that the Senate will change its mind.

Please sign and please share on your social media platforms. Please ask you church to distribute the petition.

If we speak up we can make a difference. While ever we have a democracy, we should.