26 July 2015

That the alternative party of government is considering a motion today that would expel parliamentarians who support mum and dad marriage is further evidence of the intolerance of the same-sex political agenda.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said it was deeply disappointing that Labor in 2011 abandoned the idea in public policy that a child should, wherever possible, be known and raised by their mother and father.

“To have a major political party now entrench in its policy platform the idea that there is no room for dissent, is chilling and shows just how intolerant those driving the same-sex political debate are,” Mr Shelton said.

“If Labor decides to be intolerant with its own parliamentarians, it is sure to be intolerant when in power towards the millions of Australians of ethnic and religious background who will never support a state-imposed redefinition of marriage.”

Mr Shelton said it was entirely appropriate that the Liberal and National parties retain a party position on marriage because it represented public policy that was in the best interest of the child.

“Unlike Labor, those in the Coalition who dissent are not expelled.”

“Labor’s drift in recent years to the hard Green-Left is making it more and more unattractive to mainstream voters including those from the Christian constituency.”

Media note: Lyle Shelton is attending the ALP National Conference as an observer.