The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the resolution at the Tasmanian Liberal Conference on the weekend that called for the scraping of the controversial Safe Schools program in the state.

Since the program rolled out in Tasmania early last year, more and more concerning evidence has come to light about its extreme ideological underpinnings.

“There clearly is no appetite among the rank and file Liberal Party members for a school program that teaches children that their gender is fluid or a social construct,” ACL Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said.

Mr Brown said the onus now resided with the Liberal Government to carry out the wishes of the party, to see the program scraped as soon as possible and to ensure the replacement program, ear-marked for launch next year, is not more of the same. 

“There already exists anti-bullying programs that are free from rainbow ideology and more holistic in their approach which can be implemented in Tasmanian schools,” Mr Brown said.

 “Anti-bullying programs need to consider bullying in all its forms if they are to be successful.

 “The ACL commends former Braddon MP Brett Whiteley for calling Safe Schools out as a ‘political activist tool with a radical left wing agenda’.

“We encourage Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff to give parents certainty by reassuring them about the proposed new program.

“Parents have to be eternally vigilant of their child’s safety,” Mr Brown said.

“Promoting cross-dressing, use of gender-less toilets and whole school participation in same-sex marriage rallies is not what parents expect from an anti-bullying program.

“Right now parents are able to push back against these radical proposals from Safe Schools but everything will change, if same sex marriage is legalised” he warned.

“If you take gender out of marriage you take gender out of sex education and you take gender out of school toilets.

“That is the genderless package-deal that parents have to say no to.”

A new report from the Australian Christian Lobby reveals how the Safe Schools program has resulted in bullying in schools for anyone who questions the LGBTI agenda.

“Safe Schools never was intended to reduce bullying and it is ineffectual of the government to continue lamenting that this is what it ‘should be’,” the report says.

“By allowing political interest groups to re-write school curriculum, the government has abandoned its responsibility to provide an education system that can accommodate the entire community.”