Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, continues to be free of the unwanted commodification and overt sexualisation of women with the Australian Christian Lobby yesterday receiving formal notification that an application for an adult strip club had lapsed.

ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis welcomed the advice which comes on the back of three years of community campaigning, including two petitions, against Acacia Ridge Hotel’s strip club application.

“The level of sexually explicit entertainment requested by this application was totally inappropriate for this suburb of young families,” Ms Francis said.

“Strip clubs harm communities and harm women. The connection between the strip industry and violence in the community is one that has long been acknowledged. Such venues are identified by the government as ‘high risk’. 

“Those directly involved as well as the status of women generally, by fostering a culture which constructs and reinforces women’s inequality, promoting the notion that women are objects for sexual use rather than equal human beings.

“There is strong evidence linking domestic violence to stripping and this form of gender power/inequality, inevitably affecting the way that men relate to women in their lives: their family, partners, workmates and friends.

“Women have a right to feel safe in their communities.

“Amendments to the Liquor Act enacted in 2014 in Queensland were meant to empower communities, through their local governments, to veto proposed adult entertainment on licensed premises. This should have been ‘case closed’ right from the start.”