The marathon marriage campaign ended this afternoon at 4.30pm.  After three months, thousands of Coalition for Marriage volunteers downed tools. We all feel a bit sad today – it has been such a bonding experience.

There’s nothing like being in the trenches together and there is a camaraderie which will last a lifetime.

To have fought for freedom and the truth about marriage and gender in the great plebiscite of 2017 is an experience none of us will forget. 

Our people went after every last vote, right to the bell. They did it with respect, grace and good humour.

Win or lose, it has been a magnificent effort and they have made a difference.

Threats to freedom of speech and conscience have been elevated to political and public consciousness for the first time.

Little public support remains for the fellow traveller of de-gendered marriage – gender fluid and radical sex education in schools.

These have been colossal achievements of the campaign – win or lose.

Our volunteers tell me, win or lose, they want to keep fighting for our nation.

I’ve been amazed to find this sentiment everywhere during my travels.

We all realise that our battle is far from over.

This stirring and awakening of millions of Australians is another great achievement of our campaign.

The other unsung heroes of this campaign are the people who trusted us with their money.

More than $6 million was raised through on-line crowdsourcing.

This made us competitive in what has been a David and Goliath battle.

I want to thank everyone who contributed financially. Win or lose, your commitment has helped shift the debate in this nation.

Win or lose, there will be a positive legacy from this campaign thanks to you.

Win or lose, we know the other side won’t stop.

And while the campaign will fade away, the friendships forged in battle will not. Nor will the commitment to fight for freedom and for the civic virtues that flow from the marriage of one man and one woman.

While ever Australia is democratic, the battle for virtue in our nation goes on.

Without virtue, there is no freedom.

Thanks for all you have done.

But for now, we rest and await the announcement of the result on Wednesday November 15 at 10am.