Media Release

For Release: 2nd February 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is calling on the Australian Government to step up diplomatic efforts to ensure that any transfer of power in Egypt secures the safety and rights of minorities.

Managing Director Jim Wallace said the ACL has been concerned at the loss of human rights in Egypt over the last 30 years culminating in recent bombings of Coptic Christians in Alexandria.

“Any new government should be one that protects the freedoms of all Egyptians – including the Copts and other Christians who have been under attack by Islamic terrorists.

“Islamic Governments in the Middle East, including the Government in Iraq, have a poor track record of protecting Christian minorities.

“An Islamist Government in Cairo would be a set-back for the human rights of women and Christians in the Middle East.”

Mr Wallace said ACL shares the concerns of Bishop Suriel from the Coptic Orthodox Church in Melbourne, about the potential of an extremist group taking government in the country.

“We are concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions in positioning themselves to take over government,” he said.

“The Australian Government needs to be very active in international efforts to ensure any new Government in Egypt will be tolerant of religious minorities, including Christians,” Mr Wallace said.