The Australian Christian Lobby calls on South Australian parliamentarians to reject the prostitution decriminalisation bill tabled this week by Greens MLC Tammy Franks. 

ACL South Australian director Christopher Brohier said the bill was the same as the failed 2015 bill which did not serve South Australia well and hence was thrown out by the last Parliament.

Mr Brohier said the Australian Christian Lobby recognised that regulation of prostitution in SA was seriously needed but urged parliamentarians to put vulnerable women first by enacting the so-called Nordic approach.

“The Greens bill is extremely unhelpful, enabling street workers to work anywhere – outside schools, offices, churches, mosques or even Parliament,” Mr Brohier said.  

“The bill is based on a flawed model that pays no regard to the interests of South Australians in general and especially to vulnerable women who will mostly be affected.

“The newly appointed Liberal Government has a significant opportunity to put in place world-leading reforms by joining their Victorian Liberal colleagues in supporting the Nordic approach which criminalises the person with all the power, the buyer.

“It is time for South Australia to lead the nation, to introduce a genuine framework for prostitution that protects vulnerable women and provides those wanting to exit with viable options. The Nordic approach is internationally proven to help women and reduce trafficking.”

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